Thanksgiving in Vancouver – A Photography Editorial

Thanksgiving Dinner in Vancouver

Thanksgiving is a new holiday to celebrate for me. In Africa we don’t have a thanksgiving holiday. Nevertheless, any opportunity, to have a holiday and a celebration is okay with me. I’m all too happy to adopt the traditions of the country I now call home, and make them mine. Its what being Canadian is all about. When in Rome?

So far we know that this North American holiday which has been exported to the rest of the world via TV and the Big Screen, centers’ around family and a dinner table. On further research and learning, I realized that its actually a dark past which gave rise to this annual holiday which is now a social institution. I don’t agree much on the historical reasons of Thanks giving though. The First Nations people in Canada, I doubt has any reason to celebrate this holiday either.

Either way, I am pleased to set aside a holiday to give thanks. Family, Life, a new Country, success, are all good reasons to celebrate and give thanks. As an Immigrant, I’d like to celebrate the diversity in this wonderful country, and give thanks for the harmonious, and progressive way in which we all live together. Instead of focusing on the past, lets look at ourselves now and to the future. Here is to thanks giving, A tradition that can make us all better people.


























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