Surrey to Downtown, Vancouver on the Skytrain

Surrey to Downtown, Vancouver on the Skytrain

I love to ride the Skytrain. At just $2.75 for all zones, on Sunday, its a sweet ride around the city, and my favourite form of transport.

You just sit, when you can get a seat, and watch the view both sides of the track, and the people who share your cab. Before you know it, you have arrived at your destination. Walking is good for the health, and is pleasant from all skytrain stations in Vancouver Metro. Its a great place to read or bury your head in your electronic device.

The locals sometime pull out their phones and snap a view from the train. I am no different. Those photos are really for instagram. Ive always wanted to take better shots of the amazing views and I finally had the chance recently, to jump on, with my camera. It was a perfect Spring day, and Vancouver was at its best. I took along my Nikon 70-200mm, f2.8 zoom channeling light to a full frame sensor, and came up with these.

Skytrain in Vancouver

Crossing the Fraser

The view as you come around the bend from Gateway and heading toward New West across the river, is one of my favourite. I had my camera ready. I often drive that road across the narrow Patullo Bridge in the foreground. Nice to see it from the train. The Skytrain Bridge behind it with is majestic Pillars completes this view. This actually came out better than I imagined.



Two Kinds of Transportation intersecting. I Love Cars, but for commuting, Ill take the train anyday.


New Westminster Station.

I just love this photo. Its one of my favourite Images. Capturing a beautiful angle of view from the tracks to the platform with people just hanging around, and walking toward the oncoming train.


My Pick of the Day

I wanted to get the Metrotown and Burnaby buildings in the background of my next shot, and was ready, as I had often seen this image in my mind. Boy was I thrilled to see an oncoming train on the tracks. I could not have planned it better. The train on the tracks, just breathes life in this image. Composition is spot on with the tracks disappearing into the base of my image, with spring accents around. Great blue skies with a bit of cloud just completes it. Yeah, Im hanging this one up on my wall at home.

Vancouver Skytrain from Surrey
Awesome view of the tracks, All this needed was a train, to breath life into this image.

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