Real Estate Photography in the Fraser Valley

Use Professional photography for your Real Estate listings in the Fraser Valley and all over the Lower Mainland.

Using professional real estate photography for your White Rock, Langley or Abbotsford listings will draw more attention to your listings, and attract the right kind of buyer.

As a realtor working the Lower Mainland in Vancouver Metro, and the Fraser Valley, you may have to compete with your peers to obtain listings.

Professional photography is a great way of improving your marketing portfolio when meeting with potential sellers. If a seller has to choose between a realtor that uses professional photography versus a realtor that uses a point-and-shoot, they are more likely to go with the realtor that uses professional photography.

Real Estate Photography by Trevino Warren
The Image on the left is taken with on automatic. The Image on the Left is taken with an ultra wide DSLR lens, on manual, and is retouched in photoshop with a blue sky. You can’t always get that perfect day to take photos of your listing. The right image has way more curb appeal.

What about when the sun IS shining? Yes, all cameras have trouble dealing with the harsh light and strong shadows. A bit of post processing is required to turn this image below on the left into a much pleasing, enticing image on the right.

I use a multiple exposure technique in photoshop, with some High Dynamic Range tricks. Oh yeah don’t forget that all those images need to be taken on manual mode on a DSLR. I still make sure the photo looks realistic, so the potential buyer will know how his home will look when the sun is low.

Real Estate Photography by Trevino Warren
On the left side, we have an image captured on automatic settings. The sun is shining in at an awkward angle and has created dark shadows on the left side of the house. Using a Multiple HDR Image technique in photoshop, I am able to reveal those darkened areas and show the home in its full glory. Just what a prospective buyer wants to see.

Distorted architectural lines in your photos are tacky and don’t give a true impression of a good home interior. Homes are built with vertical walls. If wall joints and ceiling joints are curved, the prospective home owner can’t correctly imagine their furniture and lifestyle there.

I make sure all horizontal and vertical lines are straight. Its natural and way more pleasing to the eye. It also gives an impression of a structural solid home. All that beautiful craftsmanship and details in the fixtures just pop out.



A wider angle of view gives your listing a huge edge, as the potential home buyer can get a realistic full view of each room. An Ultra wide angle lens is a must in real estate, photography.

I use an Ultra Wide 16mm lens with a 106 degree viewing angle. Most cameras come standard with a 28mm (75 degree) lens. With an ultra wide lens, there is no need taking multiple shots. All I need is 1 shot, and then move on. Lets get out of your seller home as soon as possible with the best view.

What your photos will look like when taken with a standard lens on most cameras. From a point and shoot to a DSLR
Realestate photography Surrey Vancouver Treino Warren
Taken with an Ultra Wide Lens 16mm. It shows so much more than the image above. This image is distortion free. No curves, converging walls or photoshop stitching. This gives the prospective buyer a REAL feel of the space and how their furniture might fit.
Real Estate Photography Surrey
The Ultra Wide View Gives an amazing feel of this room. Just look at the Ceiling feature.

Look through the window

Show the prospective homebuyer whats outside. If they were to sit inside, what would the view be? After all we know, views sell!

Real Estate Photography Vancouver Surrey

Curb Appeal, is a huge attraction to the prospective buyer

Lets take it one step further and show off that special listing. Twilight images. Homes have an extra special appeal with the colours of twilight. That amazing super wide lens is used here again.

Twilight Real Estate Photography Vancouver
Twilight improves curb appeal 100%
Guildford Mall Surrey BC Twilight Real Estate Photography
Every day places look extra special in photos taken at twilight with a slow exposure.
Surrey Real Estate Photographer Trevino Warren

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